What Are Moms Saying?

"We just returned from our trip and I wanted to update you on how the Hush hat worked for us. My little man wore the hat through the airport and on the entire flight. The hat kept him calm and he slept for 4 hours on the plane! There were about 6 babies and a few toddlers, some crying or yelling and yet my little man was sound asleep. Needless to say that I had one happy baby at our destination and received many envious looks from worn out parents. Thank you again for getting the Hush hat to us in time for our trip. The Hush hat is wonderful and a total life saver! PS: I was so pleasantly surprised at how breathable the hat was. I was afraid my little man was going to get too hot but that was not the case at all."
- Sara C

"Your hats are pretty amazing. We used it at the Prudential Arena (giant hockey arena) in NJ during the Hillsong Conference last weekend. There were 12,000 people around us singing and making noise. Our 2 month old slept through the entire thing wearing you hush hat. Thank you so kindly"
- Anna V