Quiet Comfort in a Noisy World

The HUSH Hat™ was designed to comfortably protect your baby’s sensitive hearing, softening sounds that constantly wake sleeping babies.

Designed with specialized sound-absorbing foam and ultra-soft materials, each HUSH Hat™ not only reduces noise, but is incredibly comfortable.

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Sound Absorbing Design

Rather than completely blocking out all noise, the HUSH Hat™ intelligently filters noise levels that are dangerous to your little one’s developing ears with its patent-pending design.

Perfect for nap time, a trip into town, and every scenario in between.

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Smart Protection For Your Little One

Noise over 85 decibels are hazardous to your child’s hearing, sounds over 80 decibels should be avoided.

You would be surprised what everyday noises exceed these sound levels; Vacuum cleaners, city street traffic, restaurants, microwave alarms, and even some of your child’s own toys.

The HUSH Hat™ offers a safe and economical solution to these problems.

Where should I use my HUSH Hat™?

Great for running errands, going to restaurants, sporting events, fireworks, plane rides...

– anywhere you are worried about noise or want your baby to sleep more soundly.