How It Works

HUSH Hat™ Is The #1 Sound Absorbing Baby Hat

The HUSH Hat™ contains a specially designed Confor Visco Elastic energy absorbing foam. The foam absorbs high frequency, high decibel sounds while still allowing the baby to hear and experience the world around them. It makes everyday sounds safe and comfortable to the babies developing ears. Children's ears continue to develop until age 2. The HUSH Hat™ was successfully tested with Owens Corning Labs.

The HUSH Hat™ Features:

  • Visco-Elastic medical grade foam absorbs high decibel noises
  • Mimics how babies perceive sound in the womb
  • Smooth, comfortable transition into the noisy world we live in
  • Ultra-soft materials for an incredibly comfortable fit
  • Parents report that with The Hush Hat™, nap times tend to double or even triple
  • Perfect for nap time and when out and about at the store, family gatherings, live events, etc.

Studies show that sounds 75 decibels and above are dangerous to your baby's hearing. You would be surprised at the everyday noises that exceed these sound levels; vacuum cleaners, city street traffic, restaurants, and even some of your child's own toy.

Rather than completely blocking out noise, the HUSH Hat™ simply filters noise levels that are dangerous to your baby's developing ears with its patent-pending design.

You can't always control noise levels at the supermarket, a restaurant, or even in your home. The HUSH Hat™ makes it possible to easily ensure your baby's noise levels are safe and consistent, letting her sleep soundly during naps, and stay comfortable when awake.

The HUSH Hat™ uses a layer of mesh to encase the foam. The mesh allows the foam to react to the heat of the baby's skin, conforming to the ear.

We use a super soft, stretchy jersey knit fabric that is breathable for all climates. It's through our extensive research that makes the HUSH Hat™ parents favorite Baby Hat.

Can be used during/at:     

Naptime at Home
Sporting Events and Little League Games
Movie Theaters
The Pool/Park
While Shopping
At Church