HUSHhat Story

Five years ago Jaycee's youngest child, Teagan, was just a few months old.  Teagan had a hard time falling asleep, and an even harder time staying asleep.  Everything seemed to interrupt little Teagan's naps - doorbells, dogs barking, older siblings playing...

Jaycee began searching for a solution to the problem.  She needed something that could be used anywhere (even on the go), something that was comfortable for her baby, and something that worked!  She looked into white noise machines, rigid headphones, and a host of other would-be solutions, but she couldn't find what she was looking for.

With an idea in her mind, Jaycee got to work.  She researched hundreds of different materials and a variety of sound-absorbing methods.  After five full years of research, development, trial, error, and many iterations, she arrived at something that worked; the HUSH Hat™.

Using a visco-elastic medical grade foam to absorb high decibel noises, Jaycee assembled a solution that mimics how babies perceive sound in the womb - making for uninterrupted sleep and a smooth, comfortable transition into the noisy world we live in.

Incredibly, lab test results showed another wonderful element of the HUSH Hat™; its ability to protect infants' developing hearing from the dangerous effects of noise levels, making it perfect for sports events, concerts, restaurants, errands, and at-home use when the surrounding environment is less than ideal.

After all, every baby deserves quiet comfort in a noisy world.