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Trending: Skip the Baby Shower, and Plan a Baby-Q!

Trending: Skip the Baby Shower, and Plan a Baby-Q!

For decades, moms-to-be have been celebrated with traditional baby showers, surrounded by their female friends and family members. But if the girly cake, flowers, cringeworthy games, and party favors aren’t really your thing, it’s OK to try something new.

Co-ed showers have been around for awhile now. After all, mom isn’t the only one becoming a parent. But the latest trend takes things a step further - it’s called a Baby-Q, and it lets all of your friends and family get in on the fun.

Whether you choose to celebrate in your backyard, a local park or the home of a friend or family member, a Baby-Q is a fun and relaxing way to bring everyone together to celebrate your child’s impending birth.

If this will be your second, third, or…child, a Baby-Q is also a great way to include your children and their friends in the fun.

Wondering how to get started?

Invitations and decorations

You certainly don’t have to, but invitations and decorations will make it seem like more of an “occasion.” You can purchase customizable invitations online, make your own, or purchase customizable downloads. A quick Google search will turn up tons of options.


It all depends on your preference and your budget. Have your event catered if you want to be able to relax and really enjoy the day. But if that’s not an option for you, consider having a few family members and friends each bring a dish or two to help out. It’s a BBQ, so traditional cookout favorites are sure to be expected, plus these dishes usually require little prep work. Don’t forget the dessert!


It’s a Baby-Q, not a baby shower, so feel free to skip the traditional games. But there are some games that really ARE fun.

  • Baby Picasso - Give everyone a pen and a piece of paper. Then instruct them to hold the paper to their forehead and draw what the new baby will look like, without looking. Mom-to-be gets to choose her favorite.
  • The Price is Right - Set out several small items from the registry (diapers, wipes, bottles, socks, onesies, diaper ointment, etc.) and, separately, tags with the correct prices. Have guests attempt to match the items to the correct prices. Whoever comes closest - without going over - wins!
  • If baby-themed games just aren’t your thing, remember, this is an outdoor Baby-Q. How about traditional outdoor games like volleyball, cornhole, ladder toss, or lawn bowling?

Remember, this is a day to celebrate your new baby. Make it what YOU want it to be.

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