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Travel Tips for a Wonderful Road Trip With Your Babies

Travel Tips for a Wonderful Road Trip With Your Babies

Just because you have a little one (or little ones) does not mean you have to say no to your adventurer heart. Traveling doesn't have to be a pain with babies and toddlers. Hopefully these tips are helpful on your next family vacation!

I would offer one stipulation, wait till your baby is about 3 months old before going on any major trips. They will be less likely to catch sickness when they are a bit older and they will be more set into a schedule which makes everyone's life easier. 

Babies 3-12 months tend to be easier to travel with (believe it or not) than toddlers. Once your little one is mobile they have obviously become busier and more independent so the entertainment factor is more important when traveling with a toddler. 

I am going to offer some traveling tips for traveling in the car for long periods of time with little ones as well a some must haves you want to be sure make it in your suitcase! 

  • First, make sure you have a first aid kit catered to your little one. With medications your baby uses like tylenol, motrin, or benadryl. Make sure you have contacted your Dr and know the appropriate dosage of each of the medications to give your child. Also, keep your Drs numbers in case you need to contact them while you're gone. You never know when your baby will start teething, have an allergic reaction or, if your babies are like mine, get an ear infection, or simply just get sick. (Fingers crossed that is not while you are on vacation!) 
  • For being so little, babies and toddlers sure need a lot of stuff! Take travel size baby shampoo, bath soap, lotion and toothpaste. They shouldn't need to use more than a travel size while you're gone.
  • If you will be in the sun on your vacation, which is very likely (hopefully), make sure to take sun protection for your babes: sunscreen, sunglasses and wide brimmed hats. A sunburned baby won't add much fun to your vacation. 
  • If you are changing altitude your baby's ears may experience pressure change. Sucking and chewing help relieve and prevent that pressure build up in their ears. We are all about infant ear protection here at HUSH Baby so take pacifiers and bottles for your babies to use and things such as suckers, sippy cups or soft snacks for your toddlers. 
  • A travel tip I loved when my baby was bottle feeding was filling a metal thermos with warm water before I left so I could make warm bottles on the go. I think it's brilliant. 
  • Make sure you have your diaper and wet wipes handy. You're never sure when you'll need to make a quick stop. Also, wipes double as the best go to clean up device. 
  • Make sure not to bundle up your baby too much in their carseat while driving. For one, they are safer when the straps are fastened to their body rather than to their coat or blanket. Second, babies heat up real quick. Keep a blanket handy in case they get cold. It is easier to put a blanket on than to unbuckle and take clothing off. 
  • Make sure you have entertainment. Music your kids like, DVDs, books and hand-held toys. Your singing also helps calm down agitated babies. 
  • If possible, plan to leave at a time your baby will be sleeping. Leave early in the morning, around nap time or into the evening. That way your little one will hopefully sleep a majority of your drive. 
  • Plan for travel time to take longer than you think. With little ones you need to make more frequent stops for feedings, changings or to give that busy toddler a break.
  • Do you want to know what else will help them sleep a majority of the drive? HUSH baby beanies. They block out the noise of others in the car and noises you can't control outside of the car. Then the only thing you'll need to worry about is, "how long should I nap?" 

Hopefully these travel tips will make your next adventure smoother and more enjoyable for your little ones. Safe travels on your next trip from us here at HUSH Baby! Where is your next vacation going to be?

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