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Tips for traveling with baby:

Tips for traveling with baby:

  • Rent an apartment/home instead of a hotel room.   You’ll have the luxury of a kitchen to clean your bottles, instead of using a bathroom sink, and separate sleeping quarters. Plus there are a lot of places that have a laundry room you can use. We love HomeAway or Airbnb.
  • Bring a HUSH Hat. Airplanes and car rides are already noisy enough without sharing a tiny space with many noisy people. The HUSH Hat will help your baby sleep through it.
  • Pack white onesies for your baby to wear. If there’s a blowout you can just throw the onesie away without having to worry about carrying wet stinky ones in your suitcase.
  • Don’t bring shoes. They take up space in your suitcase and if your baby can’t actually walk they’re a huge hassle to keep on their feet.
  • Bring a first aid kit with all your family’s necessities. (Kids Tylenol, Band-Aids, Aloe Vera, daily medicines)
  • Before your arrive find out where grocery stores, Emergency Rooms, and stroller rentals are.
  • If you are renting a car, but did not bring a car seat, find out if they have car seat rentals.
  • Upon arrival decide on a designated changing station.
  • Bring stuff to baby proof where you are staying.
  • Make sure that you have a tub wherever you are staying. Look at photos, call and ask the hotels beforehand so you have a place to bath your baby.


  • If you’re making a long drive try splitting it up into 2 days.
  • Plan for driving to take longer than you expected. You will have to make multiple stops when traveling with kids.
  • Bring lots and lots of snacks and bottles! Keep a cooler in the car to keep milk at a safe temperature if you’re driving more than a few hours.
  • Planning for your baby to be asleep while driving is probably not going to happen even if it’s dark outside. Loud noises, lights, and bumps could easily wake your baby so don’t make it harder on yourself and drive in the middle of the night thinking your baby will sleep.
  • Bring activities for your children to do while driving. Coloring books, movies, and toys are perfect distractions. If you can’t afford new ones, or just don’t want to buy them, try hiding some of their favorite toys a week or two ahead of the trip so their old toy becomes new and interesting again.
  • Plan for a recovery day after all the driving.


  • Look and plan to use child friendly airlines.
  • Make sure you arrive with enough time to get through security with a baby, so you are not rushed and can take your time.
  • If you can afford it buy a seat for your baby and bring their safety seat.
  • Don’t check your safety seat though. Take it with you to the gate. Ask the attendant if there is an empty seat next to you or if there is any way you can be moved next to an empty seat. If there is one available they will usually move you.  If there isn’t any room left they will let you check it at the plane door.  (It would be a nightmare to lose).
  • When you get to your gate ask TSA if they have a designated stroller line. If not, most of the time, they will let you go through first class or pre TSA lines.
  • Don’t sit towards the back of the plane where the line for the bathroom and noisy attendants are; it can make it harder for your baby to sleep.
  • Be polite. Your child may not be able to apologize for their actions, but you can and should. Indifferent parents who do not apologize for their baby crying is the biggest complaint about infants on airplanes, not the actual crying.
  • If your baby doesn’t make it through the flight accident free you should use the lavatory where there is a changing table, instead of the seat next to you.

Planning ahead is the best weapon you can have for traveling with a baby.

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