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Taking Baby to a Concert

Taking Baby to a Concert

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite activities.  In fact, most parents want their kids to grow up enjoying the things that they themselves enjoy.  What better way to do that than to bring baby along to your favorite activities?

Some things, such as outdoor concerts, may be a bit more challenging to bring baby along, but with a little forethought can still be enjoyable for you and your baby.

Most babies love music and would likely enjoy the tunes at an outdoor concert as much as you.  Of course, the blaring speakers could be a bit too much for those tiny little ears. Many bands turn speakers up even louder at an outdoor concert to compensate for the sound dispersion that comes from being outside. This can lead to the music being in excess of 100 decibels. Anything over 75 decibels can be harmful to baby’s ears.

How can you overcome the potential damage to baby’s ears and still enjoy the outdoor concerts that you love so much?

  • You might need to exchange your usual front row spot for one a little further from the speakers and thus a little quieter.  
  • You can also purchase something to help muffle the sound such as a Hush Hat. Your little one could be lulled to sleep in no time, leaving you to enjoy the concert and the peacefulness of a sleeping baby.

Babies always enjoy fresh air and sunshine, but if the sun is a little too much or there is a chance for rain, additional preparation may be needed. Sunscreen, a sun shade, an umbrella, or an extra blanket can easily be tossed into your diaper bag to keep baby out of the elements.

Although outdoor concerts do offer more freedom of movement than an indoor concert, crowds could still be a concern. Where will the concert take place? Check out the venue online before you go so you know if it's better to bring a stroller, to wear your baby, or to bring a baby carrier. If space constraints aren’t too much of an issue, the stroller may be the best option, as baby changing stations aren’t likely to be found at most outdoor concerts.

Whether they are strolling in style or snuggled up on your back, your little one can be very content enjoying great music, in the great outdoors, with their favorite people.

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