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How Long Should Baby Be Awake?

How Long Should Baby Be Awake?

Sometimes as a mom you wonder if your baby is sleeping too much or not enough. We understand the struggle and created this guideline to help you know how much sleep your baby should be getting.

1 Month

Your baby should be awake about 45-60 minutes between naps because they are still growing so much their little bodies are exhausted. They should be napping 3-5 times a day for 1-3 hours.

2-3 Months

Your baby should be awake about 1 hour between each nap, taking about 3-4 naps, 1-3 hour naps a day.

3-6 Months

Your baby should be awake 1 -1 ½ hours between naps. Your baby should be napping 3-4 times a day for 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours.

6-9 Months

Baby should be up for about 2-3 hours between taking naps. Your baby should be taking 2-3 naps, 45 minutes – 2 hours in length.

1-2 Years

Your baby should be awake for 3-4 hours between naps, taking 1-2 times a day for 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours.

2-4 Years

Your baby should be up for 5-7 hours, taking 1 nap for about 1-2 hours.

10 Must Have Items When Traveling With a Baby

10 Must Have Items When Traveling With a Baby

  1. HUSH Hat – HUSH Baby

The HUSH Hat is a sound-absorbing hat for babies. It’s perfect whether you’re flying or driving to your destination. In a small cabin in the airplane it can become very noisy with all the people and children crammed in a small area, as well as the loud engine.  The HUSH Hat will help your baby sleep through it all. You don’t have to worry about your baby crying and people giving you dirty looks. While driving the HUSH Hat will also help keep your baby asleep so you don’t have to constantly stop to console them.  Noisy siblings - no problem - the HUSH Hat will allow your baby to sleep through it.

  1. Lotus Everywhere Crib – Guava Family

The Lotus travel crib is easy to take with you because there is no frame, it is lightweight, and you can pack it into its carry case that also turns into a backpack. It takes 15 seconds to put together and even has a zippered side door to make it easy for your little one to get in and out.

  1. LugBug Carseat Handle - LugBug

The LugBug is a handle that clips onto your car seat carrier. It makes carrying your little one around so much easier, less painful, and offers a much more comfortable carrying position. It is lightweight and exceptionally strong.


  1. Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow - My Brest Friend

This portable nursing pillow is easy to inflate and deflate. It lays flat and can easily fit in a diaper bag or purse. It is very lightweight and brings the familiarity of home on the go.

  1. Refresh-A-Baby Water bottle adapter – Refresh-A-Baby

Refresh-a-Baby is a universal water bottle and beverage adapter that makes any drink suitable for a baby to drink from. They offer a baby bottle top and a sippy cup version for toddlers.

  1. Flyebaby Infant Airplane Hammock – Flyebaby

The Flyebaby infant seat attaches to the seat in front of you on the airplane to create a baby hammock. It can also turn any chair into a highchair to feed your little one. It is lightweight and portable.

  1. Pronto Changing Station – Skip*Hop

This portable changing station is extra wide and easy to wipe clean. It can hold up to 4 diapers and even comes with a wipe case. It all can fold up into a convertible clutch that you can easily put inside a diaper bag or clip to your stroller.

  1. Take-Along Mobile – Tiny Love

This on-the-go mobile can attach to your baby’s car seat, pack and play, bassinet, or stroller. It plays 30 minutes of music with 5 different tunes.

  1. Simple Squeeze Kit – Infantino

The Simple squeeze kit is the perfect on-the-go baby snack. You can make your own baby food and put the puree in their convenient food pouches. The pouches are dishwasher safe and you can buy an attachable spoon to make feeding your baby while traveling even easier.

  1. Solly Baby Wrap – Solly Baby

The Solly baby wrap is an easy way to carry your baby close to you. It folds up so small and can fit easily in a diaper bag or purse and makes the perfect carrier for traveling.

Baby won't a professional basketball game?

Basketball season is in full swing and we were excited to see The HUSH Hat in action. For those of you who have had the good fortune of seeing a professional or college basketball game, you know the excitement, energy,  screaming fans, buzzers, whistles and...constant noise.  

Who in their right mind would take a baby into such a stressful, loud environment?  Well....those who have a HUSH Hat, by HUSH Baby, LLC.

The HUSH Hat utilizes a medical grade foam that soften loud sounds, so that if you're baby is napping at home and the door bell rings, or if you're at a basketball game and you team hits a 3 pointer at the buzzer, your baby will be calm and comfortable.

Not only will your baby be more comfortable in an extremely noisy environment, but when you get him or her home, sleep comes easier as your baby did not become overstimulated from the big game.  

The HUSH Hat should be part of your standard baby supplies list when you plan an evening out.  

If you're looking for baby gifts, The HUSH Hat is a great answer as well.

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