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Baby Shower Games:

Baby Shower Games:

Baby Food Tasting:

Gather seven to ten unique flavors of baby food jars, number each lid and tear off the labels. Give each guest a plate, spoon, paper, and pen and have them put a sample on their plate. The guest with the keenest taste buds wins a prize for getting the most correct.

Diapering Race:

On your mark, get set, go! Divide your guests into teams and hand each team a roll or two of toilet paper. Give the teams five minutes to wrap a team member up in a mock diaper. The team with the most creatively diapered 'baby' wins. This game turns out to be ridiculously funny and amusing for all.

My Water Broke:

The night before your shower, freeze a bunch of ice cubes with tiny plastic babies in the center. When guests arrive each guest will get an ice cube with a baby inside. As time ticks by, the ice begins to melt and the baby is closer and closer to its due date! Whoevers baby melts first yells, “My Water Broke!,” and WINS!

Pin the baby on mommy:

Blow up a poster-sized picture of the mom-to-be standing with her pregnant belly in profile. Blindfold each guest and give them a cutout picture of a baby. After a couple of spins, each guest must walk to the wall and pin the baby on the mommy. Whoever gets closest to the mom’s tummy, wins.

Diaper Raffle:

On average, a newborn pees and poops enough to go though 70 diapers per week. That's why this simple game is such an amazing gift for the parents-to-be. Include a note with your baby shower invitations letting guests know that you'll be raffling off an amazing surprise prize and all they need to do is bring a pack of diapers to the shower to be entered. When guests arrive take their diapers in exchange for a ticket to the raffle.

Name that Poo:

Melt different types of chocolate bars (Twix, Kit-Kat, Snickers) in baby diapers and have guests guess which is which.

Diaper/Onesie Messages:

Have the guests write and decorate diapers/onesies for the parents to use in the future. Then one late night they will have a sweet message from a friend to help them make it through.

Baby Wish List:

For a more sentimental game have a printout of wishes for the baby that guests can fill out. (I hope you grow up to be.., I hope you love.., I hope you are never afraid of.., I hope you ignore..)

How big is mom’s belly?

Have guests cut pieces of yarn to a length they think corresponds to the circumference of the mom-to-be’s belly. The guest who is the closest or spot on wins!

Advice Book:

Have guests write down their words of wisdom on notecards or pieces of paper, and store them in pretty envelopes or a notebook for the mom-to-be. It’s useful in more than one way because mom won’t have to listen to everyone’s baby advice and she won’t have to worry about forgetting.

Sperm Corn Hole:

A game we all love with an easy baby twist. Make the bean bags look like sperm (glue on eyes and make tails).

Name That Baby:

Have guests write down their first or middle name suggestions for mom to read aloud or later by herself. Get a jar for boy and a jar for girl.

10 Must Have Items When Traveling With a Baby

10 Must Have Items When Traveling With a Baby

  1. HUSH Hat – HUSH Baby

The HUSH Hat is a sound-absorbing hat for babies. It’s perfect whether you’re flying or driving to your destination. In a small cabin in the airplane it can become very noisy with all the people and children crammed in a small area, as well as the loud engine.  The HUSH Hat will help your baby sleep through it all. You don’t have to worry about your baby crying and people giving you dirty looks. While driving the HUSH Hat will also help keep your baby asleep so you don’t have to constantly stop to console them.  Noisy siblings - no problem - the HUSH Hat will allow your baby to sleep through it.

  1. Lotus Everywhere Crib – Guava Family

The Lotus travel crib is easy to take with you because there is no frame, it is lightweight, and you can pack it into its carry case that also turns into a backpack. It takes 15 seconds to put together and even has a zippered side door to make it easy for your little one to get in and out.

  1. LugBug Carseat Handle - LugBug

The LugBug is a handle that clips onto your car seat carrier. It makes carrying your little one around so much easier, less painful, and offers a much more comfortable carrying position. It is lightweight and exceptionally strong.


  1. Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow - My Brest Friend

This portable nursing pillow is easy to inflate and deflate. It lays flat and can easily fit in a diaper bag or purse. It is very lightweight and brings the familiarity of home on the go.

  1. Refresh-A-Baby Water bottle adapter – Refresh-A-Baby

Refresh-a-Baby is a universal water bottle and beverage adapter that makes any drink suitable for a baby to drink from. They offer a baby bottle top and a sippy cup version for toddlers.

  1. Flyebaby Infant Airplane Hammock – Flyebaby

The Flyebaby infant seat attaches to the seat in front of you on the airplane to create a baby hammock. It can also turn any chair into a highchair to feed your little one. It is lightweight and portable.

  1. Pronto Changing Station – Skip*Hop

This portable changing station is extra wide and easy to wipe clean. It can hold up to 4 diapers and even comes with a wipe case. It all can fold up into a convertible clutch that you can easily put inside a diaper bag or clip to your stroller.

  1. Take-Along Mobile – Tiny Love

This on-the-go mobile can attach to your baby’s car seat, pack and play, bassinet, or stroller. It plays 30 minutes of music with 5 different tunes.

  1. Simple Squeeze Kit – Infantino

The Simple squeeze kit is the perfect on-the-go baby snack. You can make your own baby food and put the puree in their convenient food pouches. The pouches are dishwasher safe and you can buy an attachable spoon to make feeding your baby while traveling even easier.

  1. Solly Baby Wrap – Solly Baby

The Solly baby wrap is an easy way to carry your baby close to you. It folds up so small and can fit easily in a diaper bag or purse and makes the perfect carrier for traveling.

How Long Should My Baby Nap Each Day

Nap time for a baby is necessary for a multitude of reasons.  When a baby is asleep, his or her brain relaxes and catalogs all of the information it took in when awake.  This daily process is a building block for how your baby sees and interacts in the world as it grows.  Nap time is also necessary for the baby's body to repair itself as simple little activities like tagging along in a car seat, having diapers changed, being carried by parents can wear out a  young baby, just like playing a basketball game can tax an older child or adult.

Let's not forget mom and dad...  Parents need rest, too.  Its not unusual for a baby to have difficulty sleeping both at night and at nap time.  This can be frustrating and can downright make parents mad because they aren't getting any downtime.  A long, solid nap is healthy for both baby and parent.

So how long should your baby sleep each day?

Experts suggest that babies up to 7 months of age should sleep at least 4 hours a day, ideally in two to four napping sessions.  As your baby gets older, he or she will likely consolidate that sleep time into 1 or 2 longer naps.

Sounds easy enough.  When your baby appears to be tired, just lay them down and kick back and relax for a few hours, right?

If you are looking for something to throw at your computer screen, please know that we fully understand that many babies simply won't sleep when you want them to sleep.  Given the importance of this napping activity, what is a parent to do?

Here are some ideas:

1.  Stating the obvious-make sure your baby has a clean diaper, is fed and placed in a comfortable environment.  If you are a little cold, your baby is very cold.  He or she is going to be more sensitive to temperature than you are.  Check the thermostat.

2.  Keep a routine.  Its unlikely that your baby will sleep easily in a bedroom at 10am, in the car at 1pm and then in the living room on a blanket at 5pm.  Try to set nap times on a repeating schedule and maintain that schedule as best you can.

3.  Moderate light.  Its not necessary for your baby to nap in total darkness, but you don't want the afternoon sun beaming through the window of the room where your baby sleeps.

4.  Quietly sing to your baby.  Its okay if you're off key.  Your baby knows your voice and hearing that voice speaking or singing quietly as he or she drifts off to sleep can be comforting and affective.

5.  How about noise levels?  This is the big one.  Have you ever gone to visit a new parent and there are notes on the door and doorbell warning you with the penalty of banishment to knock quietly?  Do you watch TV with the volume at a level so low that you become proficient at lip reading?  Do you shackle your older kids to the kitchen table so they don't make any noise and wake the sleeping baby?

Believe it or not, babies need to hear the world around them, even when napping.  But, loud noises wake them up, which defeats the purpose, right?

There is a perfect solution.  Its called The HUSH Hat, by HUSH Baby, LLC.  The HUSH Hat is a soft, comfortable baby hat that utilizes a medical grade foam sewn into the hat that filters out loud, startle noises.  It is CPSIA certified and safe for babies during nap time and when awake and participating in a busy day.

The HUSH Hat allows low decibel sounds to come through so your baby is still getting used to sleeping with some sound.  But if older brother drops and breaks a glass, or the doorbell rings, or the dog barks, your baby will sleep as if nothing happened.  Owens Corning Labs tested the foam repeatedly to ensure that the hat blocked out these startle sounds only.

Visit to learn more.  The HUSH Hat will allow your baby to sleep soundly and awaken happy without shutting down your home for those important 4 hours each day.

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