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Quiet Activities for your Toddler

Quiet Activities for your Toddler

  1. Sponge Blocks

If your child loves building blocks, but you have a baby asleep, sponge blocks is the perfect solution. Simply buy sponges from your local store and cut out block shapes for your toddler to play and build with.

  1. Fridge Magnets

An easy non-DIY option for quiet time is to buy fridge magnets and let your child play with them on the floor in front of the refrigerator.

  1. Play-Doh or Slime

This option can be a DIY or a non-DIY project. Play-Doh for kids can be messy, but Slime is a great option because it stays together. Both are quiet and fun sensory learning activities.

  1. Puzzle

A great option for quiet time are puzzles. They come in many different difficulties so even your toddler can have fun putting together a puzzle of their favorite characters.

  1. No-Mess Painting

No-mess painting is perfect for kids and mom! Put a piece of paper inside a gallon sized bag. Carefully add a few dollops of paint throughout the paper. You can even add a few different colors to make it more fun for your child. After this is done seal the baggie and tape it to your counter. Let your kids go to town without worrying about ruining their clothes or making a huge mess. When they’re finished remove the tape and let their projects dry.

  1. Educational Apps

If you let your little one have screen time there are tons of educational apps to choose from. When you click on preschool and Kindergarten they give you an options to pick from such as math, literacy, art and music, family time, early science, books, etc.

  1. Pipe Cleaner Art

Give your little one a bag of pipe cleaners to create animals and characters with. If your child is too little to create things on their own give them a colander to put the pipe cleaners through.

  1. Coloring Book/Pages

A quiet time favorite is coloring and sticker books. You can buy them from the store or print them out on your computer at home. You can even do scribble art where you draw scribbles on a piece of paper for your little one and they color the shapes in.

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