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Parenting advice from Lego Dad

Parenting advice from Lego Dad

Parenting. It ain’t easy.

Raising a teenager and a baby at the same time - when you don’t even have opposable thumbs? Impossible, right? Not so for Lego Dad. He has this parenting thing down, and shares it all via his hilarious Instagram account. (Oh, he’s on Twitter and Facebook, too.)

Whether you’re looking for a little parenting advice, or a little parenting comic relief, check it out.

Stay at home parent? This probably looks little familiar …

And we’ve ALL been here, amirite?

And here.

This is true.

If we had a dime for every time we’ve counted to three …

Lego Dad says he started his account so he could be a resource for other Lego minifigure parents. (He likes to stay in character.) Mostly, though, it’s about making people smile and helping them remember to not take life too seriously. After all, kids will be kids. Even when they come in pieces.

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