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Pantry Organization Tricks

Pantry Organization Tricks

  1. Clear Containers

Instead of hunting through tons of cardboard boxes try putting them all in clear containers to keep a uniform tidiness. Everything looks much cleaner and organized and snacks are easy to find. Plus you can find the perfect clear bins to fit your shelves more efficiently.

  1. Storage Baskets

For all those kid-friendly and individually packaged snacks, storage baskets are an easy go-to for an organized clean look. Then your kids know right where to go when picking a snack and your pantry doesn’t look like a tornado tore through it when they’re finished.

  1. Lazy Susan

Instead of just having dead-end space in the corners of your pantry try a Lazy Susan so you can use every inch of space possible. It’s a great spot to keep spices or things like oil and vanilla.

  1. Measuring cups

For products you frequently measure, keep a cup inside the container. It perfect for things such as flour, sugar, and even your morning oats.

  1. Wire Baskets

For perfect produce storage, buy stackable wire baskets. You can store things like potatoes, squash, and onions in them.

  1. Corral Cans

If you buy bulk-canned goods, the Can Rack is a great option to keep a tidy looking pantry.

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