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No-screen time with your toddler

No-screen time with your toddler

It’s kind of funny when you think about it. After all, people managed to raise toddlers for thousands of years without depending on devices with screens to help entertain and educate them.

Yet here we are.

That’s not to say screens are entirely bad. After a certain age, limited screen time with educational content can be beneficial. But for toddlers, it’s really not helpful or necessary, no matter the marketing ploy. Yet, it can be a real struggle to give up the screen. So instead of focusing on the times you do use your device or the television, focus instead on finding a balance, and working to incorporate more screen-less time into your daily life.

Here are some fun activities to try:

Get Outside

There are so many activities and adventures just waiting to be found outdoors. Take the stroller and go for a walk around your neighborhood, go to the local park to play, visit the zoo or nature center - there are so many options. Collect sticks, interesting rocks or flowers, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Have a Seat

Be honest. How often do you actually get to sit down and relax? Now is your chance! Pick a pile of your favorite books, and work your way through the stack. Read to your toddler, and let your toddler “read” to you. Get out the family photo albums and show your child photos of yourself at her age. Tell stories. Get out the coloring books or paper and make art. The choice is yours.

Clean the House

Let your child help. (After all, in a few years he won’t want to.) Give your child a dust rag, a broom, an empty spray bottle, and let him go to town. Your house might not get a deep cleaning, but you’ll be having fun together, and making memories.

Take the time to slow down and enjoy life more, together, without the distraction of the screen. You won’t regret it.

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