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How to Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

How to Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Growing up you probably didn’t have as many self-esteem issues as children nowadays do. Between bullies and the overwhelming, inescapable media, children’s self-esteem is lower than it has ever been. While you can’t protect them from everything like you wish you could, you can create a positive atmosphere and environment to help them grow and develop positive self-esteem.

Give your child the perfect amount of praise.

This can be tricky because you don’t want to feed their ego too much and create a monstrous, arrogant child, but you also don’t want to over criticize them. Praise your child when they do something good (get a good grade in school, pick up their toys, get to bed on time, share with their siblings, or even eating all their vegetables). Don’t be afraid to give your child constructive criticism, but don’t correct every single thing they do or they will feel inadequate.

Show them affection.

Even if you aren’t an overly affectionate person showing your child love and affection is a necessity while growing up. Saying “I love you” or even just a hug can boost your child’s confidence immensely. It will show your child you care for them, but also it helps them to become more comfortable with expressing and showing their emotions.  This can help you out. As they grow up they will not be afraid to come to you with their problems or struggles, which is ultimately what every parent wants.

Smash the negativity.

While this can be extremely hard and sometimes not even a possibility, try to remove all negativity from the house. Try to keep your negative thoughts and feelings to yourself, but also don’t let siblings call names, or put others down. It’s easier if you pick out specific words your children are not allowed to say. Also teach your child everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

Be the example.

Remember as a mom you always have little eyes watching your every move. Most habits are learned from home. If you are constantly down on yourself, taking the easy way out, or calling others names, your child will pick up these habits as well. Be sure to practice what you preach.

Spend quality time with them.

Don’t be that mom who is constantly ignoring her child because she is on her phone, doing laundry, on the computer, or even getting ready. Take the time to put away your phone and other distractions to spend quality time with your child and engage with them one on one. It will make them feel important and boost their self-esteem.

Help them build their own self-esteem.

Another thing you can do outside of the home is put them into things that will help boost their confidence such as sports, dance, or musical classes. Help build their skills so that they feel good about themselves. It can be scary at first for your child to try something new, be sure to encourage them when you can tell they feel unsure of themselves.

Teaching your child to be their own self and to be confident in them is one of the best things you can do for your child. Be sure to teach them that it is not okay to be the bully and that when they are being bullied it is okay to seek help and talk to you about it. Raising a child can be hard and sometimes we wonder if we are even doing it right, you are not alone. Ask for advice if you are struggling or can’t seem to help your child the way that you are wanting.


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