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Go ahead. Take the selfie with your baby.

Go ahead. Take the selfie with your baby.

Parenting - or for that matter, life - isn’t always easy. Between the feedings and the laundry and the dishes and work, there are days when it can feel nearly impossible to balance it all. Your house is a mess, there’s no milk in the fridge and you can’t remember the last time you had a shower.

But you know what? You should go ahead and take a selfie with your baby.

You’re busy. Maybe you’re not comfortable with how you look post-baby, or maybe you just don’t like to have your picture taken. Maybe you didn’t bother to put any makeup on today. That’s OK.

You should go ahead and take the selfie.

Is your shirt stained? Are you wearing your old, worn leggings with holes in the knees? Did you never get out of your pajamas today? That’s OK.

You should go ahead and take the selfie.

All too often moms are on the other side of the camera, capturing precious images of our families. They’re beautiful memories, but they don’t include us. You see, we’re usually the designated family historian, making sure every special moment is captured. But when you’re the one capturing the moments, you’re rarely represented in them.

We won’t be here forever. And anyone who’s lost a parent can tell you, they’d rather have photos of their parent, than a photo of the family holiday tree. Time passes. Memories fade. Leave your children plenty of photos of you together to help them remember you by.

Go ahead and take the selfie.

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