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Flying with a Child on your Lap

Flying with a Child on your Lap

  1. Pick flight times when you know you and your baby will do best on.
  2. Only bring things that are absolutely necessary and check your baggage so you have less to drag around. Be sure to check beforehand what your airlines allow you to check or bring (strollers, car seats, etc.)
  3. Be ready for Security check. Rules are always changing so make sure to read the most recent TSA rules and be prepared. If they are available use the TSA family lines.
  4. Let the TSA people know what your liquids and baby food are. You can take all the formula, milk, and even water bottles to make your formula.
  5. Carry on your most important items (diapers, formula, food) and even bring extra. You never know if you will have an unexpected layover or if your luggage will be lost.
  6. Dress your baby appropriately. Layers that are easy to take off.
  7. Wear comfortable and functional clothing to the airport.
  8. Bring a variety of toys and new toys your child has never played with before.
  9. Wear your baby. Your carrier doesn’t have to go on the security belt.
  10. Give your little one something to eat while you are taking off and landing because they don’t know how to pop their ears yet. A pacifier will work as well.
  11. When you get to your gate to check-in ask if there are two open seats anywhere on the plane. If there are bring your car seat on the plane with you.
  12. Get everything set up before you take off.  It’s easier to get stuff from the pocket of your seat, instead of a diaper bag by your feet, if you’re flying alone.

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