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Baby’s day out: The Essentials

Baby’s day out: The Essentials

Having little ones can turn even the simplest outings into an adventure.



Blowouts. (You know what we’re talking about.)

But there are tricks to the parenting trade that can help you and your little ones survive most any on-the-go disaster, and one trick in particular that we swear by. We call it the “emergency box.”

Keep a fully stocked emergency box (or bag, or basket - whatever you have) in the back of your vehicle, and you’ll be prepared for whatever life, and your little bundle of joy, throws your way. Here’s a handy packing list to help you get started:

  • Diapers, Undies (if your child needs them)
  • Wipes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Complete change of clothes for each child, appropriate to the season
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Plastic bags (for hauling home soiled or wet items)
  • A picnic-type blanket
  • 1-2 smaller “blankies”
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks that won’t spoil (ex. fruit snacks, crackers)
  • Bottled water
  • Disposable sippy cups (if age appropriate)
  • A toy (a ball, a small car, whatever your child enjoys that’s age appropriate)
  • A change of clothes for you

Having an emergency box can be a real sanity-saver. Did your son fall in a puddle in the park? No problem. Did your daughter spill her lunch all over BOTH of you? No sweat. Stuck in traffic and everyone is thirsty? No biggie - there’s extra water and cups in the back!

The key to success is making sure your box is always stocked. So if you’ve accessed it, be sure to replenish it when you return home. If you don’t need it often, you’ll want to periodically check the diapers and clothing to make sure the sizes in your box are the sizes your children still need, and that the clothing is season-appropriate. Be sure to keep the water, snacks, hand sanitizer and sunscreen fresh according to expiration dates as well.

So, yeah…parenting IS an adventure. And with a little preparation, it can be an absolutely AMAZING one. Have fun out there!

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