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5 Products To Help Keep Your Baby Safe This 4th Of July

It’s hard to believe summer is here! It feels like just yesterday I was wrapping Christmas presents. Now it’s sunny and hot!

One of my favorite things about summer is the 4th of July! Who doesn’t love BBQs with family, friends, and fireworks? Growing up my little sister couldn’t handle fireworks. She would cry and cover her ears. My mom always missed the show because she had to keep her inside. I never really got it, why did it bother her and not me? I’m 10 years older than my little sister, so she was a baby and toddler during those years, and I wasn’t! She also suffered from ear infections, which can contribute to extra sensitive hearing.

It wasn’t until I was spending my days and nights researching for the HUSH Hat that I learned not only can fireworks bother many babies, but it’s actually dangerous to their hearing! Did you know fireworks are listed as one of the 10 LOUDEST sounds we experience? And can cause hearing damage!

For this 4th of July make sure you protect your babies hearing and use a HUSH Hat for your firework shows. Hearing protection is not the only thing you need to keep your baby safe this 4th of July. We’ve compiled a list of five tips and products to help keep your baby safe and make life a little easier this Independence Day.

1. Refresh-a-Baby

Hydration is vital to all of us. Babies aren’t able to let us know when they are thirsty and aren’t conscious of the signs our bodies put out to let us know we need a drink. Keep your little one well hydrated this 4th of July with this really cool product Refresh-a-Baby. It’s a baby bottle nipple that instantly adapts to almost all standard water bottles. Converting them to a water bottle.

2. The Honest Co. SPF 30

Sunscreen is so important for babies and toddlers, especially when you know you will be outdoors a lot of the day. Their skin is so much more sensitive than ours and hasn’t been in the sun much. Let’s keep that baby-soft skin healthy this summer! Honest Co. has a great sunscreen that is a naturally derived, unscented, broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) SPF mineral sunscreen. It is hypoallergenic, Non-nano, Vegetarian, and Biodegradable. Make sure you apply often when you are outside more than a few hours.

3. The HUSH Hat

We already talked about the importance of hearing protection for your little one this 4th of July. The HUSH Hat is a great option for this. It’s soft breathable material makes it perfect for babies and toddlers to wear at night during the fireworks show. Fireworks reach up to 175 decibels anything over 70 decibels should be avoided for babies and toddlers.

4. Burts Bees Herbal Bug Repellent

One miserable thing about summer nights is mosquitoes! Burts Bees has a great bug repellent that is made from essential oils and herbs. It is 100% natural. Perfect for babies with sensitive skin.


This one might seem like common sense, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle we forget the simple stuff. Arriving at events and parades early to get a good spot in some shade is worth the extra time. The times I have been running late, or didn’t plan well taking my kids to a parade only to be stuck sitting in direct sunshine, is miserable for us all. Babies are going to be more fussy and difficult when they are hot. If you are going somewhere, like the beach, where there may not be a lot of options for shade Target carries a huge selection of umbrellas. They pretty much have one for any occasion!

We hope these tips and products help make your 4th of July a little easier!

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