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Keira’s Story: Why I’m Passionate About the HUSH Hat

Keira’s Story: Why I’m Passionate About the HUSH Hat

The HUSH Hat is great for helping babies Sleep Soundly & Wake Happy, but I especially love it for its hearing protection.

My oldest daughter Keira, was born with a genetic syndrome. We didn’t know it at the time of her birth, and she wasn’t diagnosed until a couple years old, but I knew early on that something wasn’t right. Besides being difficult, colicky and hard to settle, going out and about was always a struggle and often times I felt like a prisoner in my own home.

Keira did not do well in cars, restaurants, family gatherings, really anywhere there was too much noise. She was super sensitive to sounds and taking her out and about was hard work and stressful. Often she would cry for hours on end and it was incredibly sad as a mom to see her so uncomfortable.

When looking back, I wish I had a HUSH Hat when she was born. I can’t help but think how it could have made our lives easier and hers a whole lot more comfortable.

My sweet little Keira is 6 years old now and I’m passionate about the HUSH Hat because of her.

As information about the HUSH Hat has begun to spread, we have had a lot of outreach from parents with children with special needs loving the idea.

A lot of babies born with genetic syndromes or other special needs suffer from sensory issues. The HUSH Hat can greatly help. It will soften the surrounding sounds, and help calm the baby. It can make everyday activities easier to to handle for babies that suffer from a more extreme hearing sensitivity.

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