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7 Baby Products to Make Your Life Easier

7 Baby Products to Make Your Life Easier

Being a parent is hard enough. Anything that makes things a little easier is a major plus in my book. Here is a little list of things I have found to make the day, or activity, go a little smoother.

1. The Woombie

I have been in love with The Woombie for so long. I love their story and I LOVE their product. We all know babies love to be swaddled. But, babies also love to kick right out of their swaddle. In comes The Woombie! This perfect, peanut-shaped swaddle cocoons your baby and zips up so it stays in put. It restricts movement enough for them to feel safe and secure, but allows movement of the arms and legs similarly to what they experience in the womb. They have a wide variety of products in The Woombie family, ranging in materials, patterns, and uses. They even have a Woombie to be used in the car seat.

2. Le bibble

Babies are messy! Just about everything they do causes a mess. This adorable little bib for a bottle is pretty awesome. It catches the dribbling milk, formula or juice from the baby’s chin, so it doesn’t make a huge mess all over their clothes or sticky under their necks. Conveniently 1 size fits all bottles! They have a ton of adorable patterns and colors.

3. The HUSH Hat

The HUSH Hat is a sound absorbing infant hat, created to soften sounds that constantly wake sleeping babies. It contains a super soft, sound absorbing foam sewn into the hat over the baby’s ears. The HUSH Hat is adorable! It’s great for nap time use at home or to be used when you are running errands. Great to keep your baby asleep in louder settings.

4. The Formula Pro, by Baby Breeza

The Formula Pro is amazing. I wish something like this existed when my children were babies. This provides hassle free, no measuring, no mixing, no fuss bottle preparation. It perfectly mixes each bottle to near body temperature with no air bubbles. It works with every type of bottle and formula. You can make 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 oz bottle. Imagine this at 3 am. Life would be so much easier.

5. The Blooming Bath

Most people use their sink in one way or another to bathe their babies. This adorable Blooming Bath makes sink bathing so much easier. It is made of soft cuddle material and fits basically any sink. It’s ideal for newborn-6 months, and can be hung dry or even tossed in the dryer!

6. WubbaNub

One of the most dreaded things I remember with my oldest child (my second was a thumb sucker) was loosing the pacifier. It was a constant battle, on a daily basis. The binki clips were hard to remember and got lost often as well. The WubbaNub has the favorite Soothie pacifier already attached! It’s a cute cuddly little animal for the baby to hold onto. It also makes it harder to loose. They have a lot of different animals to choose from, they are all so darling.

7. Ollie Bandana Drool Bib

These adorable bibs solve the drooling mess in an adorable trendy way. Personally, I hated big ugly bibs covering my babies cute outfits. The Ollie Bandana is so adorable, and with their many patterns and colors, it’s more like part of the outfit than something covering it up. They are super soft and machine washable!

Hopefully you find these things as awesome as I do!

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