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Baby Gifts? We have Something Different and Special


With 4 million babies being born in the US every year, there are a lot of baby showers being thrown.  What a great tradition.  Parents receive diapers, clothes, accessories, and more diapers, clothes, accessories, and more diapers....

The truth is, when you're an infant, there are only so many baby items you need.

So what can you take to a friend, neighbor or family member who invites you to that special baby shower?  That's different?  That sets you apart as a gift giver extraodinaire?

Don't be one of the crowd.  Take home the best gift accolade by brining your mom-to-be a HUSH Hat, by HUSH Baby, LLC.  Trust us, you will be remembered, thanked and praised for that gift for years.

So, what is this precedent setting hat?

HUSH Baby has created the world's first sound absorbing baby hat.  It is designed to filter out startle noises that can overstimulate babies when awake and wake them up when napping.  

We all know the frustration of finally getting our baby asleep.  As you tip toe out of the room, oh so gradually close the door, threaten your children with banishment if they make a noise, disconnect the doorbell and unplug all the phones, and then, you of all people drop a glass on your new hardwood floor and it shatters...and the baby screams.   

No worries, if your baby is sleeping in a HUSH Hat.  The medical grade specialty foam is engineered to soften high decibel sounds, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably.  Keep the TV on, have friends over, vacuum, cook dinner.  Your baby will sleep right through the noise and be calm and pleasant when its time to get up and join the family.

Bring your friends and neighbors the gift of freedom when their babies are sleeping.  Give them a HUSH Hat by HUSH Baby, LLC. Visit


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