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Baby won't a professional basketball game?

Basketball season is in full swing and we were excited to see The HUSH Hat in action. For those of you who have had the good fortune of seeing a professional or college basketball game, you know the excitement, energy,  screaming fans, buzzers, whistles and...constant noise.  

Who in their right mind would take a baby into such a stressful, loud environment?  Well....those who have a HUSH Hat, by HUSH Baby, LLC.

The HUSH Hat utilizes a medical grade foam that soften loud sounds, so that if you're baby is napping at home and the door bell rings, or if you're at a basketball game and you team hits a 3 pointer at the buzzer, your baby will be calm and comfortable.

Not only will your baby be more comfortable in an extremely noisy environment, but when you get him or her home, sleep comes easier as your baby did not become overstimulated from the big game.  

The HUSH Hat should be part of your standard baby supplies list when you plan an evening out.  

If you're looking for baby gifts, The HUSH Hat is a great answer as well.

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