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Due to Popular Demand, Noise Softening Headband for Toddlers and Young Children

We here at HUSH Baby, LLC are excited to announce that we just received the prototype of the our new HUSH Band.  Our HUSH Hat has proven to be very popular, but our largest size will only go up to age 2.  We receive requests weekly to design something for toddlers and older children, and we have listened.  We anticipate The HUSH Band to be available on our website in April or May.  It will come in multiple sizes and fit children from age 2-6.

The HUSH Band, like The HUSH Hat utilizes a medical grade specialty foam that softens loud, high decibel noises that can keep your children from receiving quality sleep and can keep them calm and comfortable when in noisy environments, such as busy restaurants, air travel, sporting events, family gatherings, etc.  While napping, The HUSH Band will filter out startling noises that might otherwise wake them up.  No more tiptoeing around the house, berating older siblings for being noisy, limiting housework, etc.  The HUSH Band will allow children to sleep soundly and awaken happy.

The HUSH Band will be available in limited quantities initially, so if you would like to reserve your HUSH Band(s), email and we will make sure you are on the list to receive The HUSH Band on its first production run.  No deposit required.

By the way, we have also received numerous requests to come out with an adult version.  Stay tuned.

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