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Can Everyday Noises Harm my Baby's Hearing?

Can Everyday Noises Harm my Baby's Hearing?

We all want the best for our babies.  We research the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the carseats that keep them safe, and just about anything else that impacts their day to day living.  

But what about the things we can't control.  We live in a fast-paced, rushed, active world today.  The environment that most babies are exposed to today is different that what their parents experienced when they were babies.  

AND IT'S NOISY!  So how loud is too loud for my baby's hearing?  The answer may surprise you.

Information from The Children’s Hearing Institute revealed the following:

Noise over 85 decibels is hazardous to your child’s hearing.
The Institutes Recommends avoiding noise over 80 decibels.

Common sources of noise to which babies are exposed include:

Ambulance sirens- 120 db
Motorcycles, firecrackers-120-140 db
Noisy toys- 90 db
Restaurants- 80-90 db
Alarm clocks, city street traffic - 80 db
Vacuum Cleaners- 70 db

Furthermore, according to a recent article in The Chicago Tribune, once a baby's hearing is damaged, it may hinder how they learn once in school.

So what is the solution?  Keep your baby inside and protected from our noisy world?  Avoid restaurants, noisy toys, and alarm clocks?  What if you could soften those startling sounds so that your baby stayed calm, comfortable and protected from high decimal noises?

HUSH Baby, LLC has an ideal answer.  The HUSH Hat is a sound absorbing baby hat that is great for when your baby is asleep and reduces the level of noise they hear when they are out and about with mom and dad.  Lightweight and comfortable, babies are calmer during long events because the lower noise level keeps them from getting overstimulated.  They go to sleep quicker and sleep more soundly when you get them home, too. Watch the HUSH Hat in action.

Visit to order your HUSH Hat today.

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