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Baby Won't Sleep:  Is He or She Overstimulated?

Baby Won't Sleep: Is He or She Overstimulated?

In today's fast paced world, babies tend to go wherever moms and dads go.  A typical day for a parent and baby might include grocery shopping, lunch with a friend, running carpool, a little downtime, an older sibling's sporting event, dinner out and finally....home.  At each step of the way, your baby is  being exposed to noise levels that aren't necessarily harmful (although they can be) but will overstimulate your baby.  When its finally bedtime, its no wonder that the little one has a hard time sleeping.  

If you're asking yourself how you can get your baby to sleep, think through your day and recall how noisy it was at dinner at your favorite restaurant.  Think about the referee's whistle at the basketball game.  Consider the noise level in the car as you picked up 4 middle schoolers from band practice.  The noise levels you hear are many times louder to your baby.  They simply have much more sensitive hearing than we do.

HUSH Hats are the best baby beanie on the market.

So what is the solution?  You can't leave your baby at home while you run around town.  You can't leave him or her in the car so that the everyday noises will be eliminated.  

What if you could dramatically reduce the noise that your baby hears?  

The HUSH Hat,  by HUSH Baby, LLC is a sound absorbing baby hat that utilizes a medical grade foam that softens everyday sounds.  Suitable for nap time and running around town time, The HUSH Hat is soft, comfortable and keeps your baby calm  when you are going about your day.  Looking for baby gifts?  Think The HUSH Hat.  Visit for more information.  Four sizes to fit an infant through age 2.

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