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10 of our favorite parenting blogs

10 of our favorite parenting blogs

No one ever said being a parent is easy. And heaven knows that kid didn’t come with a manual. (It’s OK to admit there are days when you really, really wish you had a manual. Tantrums, page 36. Suddenly will only wear purple pants, page 82. Inexplicable preference for black olive pizza, page 443. We know you understand.) But anyway, this manual doesn’t exist, so we make due. And we commiserate. And we thank heaven for parenting blogs. Here are some of our favorites:

Pregnant Chicken: Parenting, with a side of humor, by Amy Morrison. Amy tackles the fun stuff (baby names), the hard stuff (daycare), the truly difficult stuff (postpartum depression), and everything in between.

Baby FoodE:  If you enjoy making your own baby food (Or maybe it’s something you aspire to - hey, we get it.), you have to check out this blog. Not only is Michelle Oliver’s site full of amazing recipes, it’s a joy to look at. (PS - if you have older kids, there are great school lunch ideas, too!)

Fearless Formula Feeder: Not everyone can breastfeed, but unfortunately some bottle-feeding mamas are stigmatized for the way they have to feed their babies. Suzanne Barston created this blog and community to offer support, and to help change the culture surrounding bottle feeding.

Mommy Shorts: With helpful parenting articles (The Benefits of Lazy Parenting - we’re totally there for that!) and humor, NYC-based mom Ilana Wiles has created a beautiful, helpful blog any parent will love.

Project Nursery: Of all the things you think about when you’re pregnant, what to do with the nursery is right up there with naming your baby. Ok - maybe not. But it’s close. Thanks to the wonderful blog created by co-founders Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio, the solutions are at the tips of your fingers.

Uplifting Families: Babies are only little for a little while. As they grow their needs change, and so do your parenting questions. Christy Garrett’s great blog covers parenting solutions and motivation for kids of all ages.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups: So, yeah. Travelling with Kids. Some people rock it. Other of us, well, we pretty much stay home. But if the travel bug bites and you want to take your kids along, check out Jessica Bowers’ blog. The suggestions here are not to be missed.

The Happiest Home: A blog that’s “realistic, not idealistic?” Yes, please. Megan Francis and Sarah Powers focus their blog on helping families live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives. Who couldn’t use some of that?

The Art of Simple: Karen Fleck believes parenting should be as simple as possible - not the super-complicated thing so many of us make it out to be. She’s a mom of four happy kids, so maybe she’s on to something. It’s worth a read.

Hurrah for Gin: Sometimes, parenting is stressful. And hard. And there will be days when you just need to blow off some steam. This is the blog for those days. Trust us.

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